Thursday, October 16, 2014

CircTV is now LIVE

On Thursday, October 16, our new digital signage system went live, and we are pleased to have chosen Xibo ( to be our content management system.  Some of the compelling reasons for selecting Xibo included ease of use, setup, platform flexibility, support for numerous media types, and colleague recommendations.  For the display screen, we selected the Samsung ME55C LED TV (  Deciding the primary location for the display screen proved to be challenging as we wanted the best possible location with the least disruption, in terms of installation.  Just about every place considered ended up needing some type of additional infrastructure changes, such as, power and/or network access.  Ultimately, it was determined to install the primary screen behind the main Circulation desk, but additional setup would be needed.  Our fabulous building supervisor reconfigured the bookshelf area, installed electrical, mounting brackets, and attached the TV to the wall.  It turned out beautifully!  

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