Monday, October 14, 2013

Meeting with possible collaborators for grant activities

Last Friday we met with a variety of people who had advice for us about video software for our makerspace.  Eric Friedman is the chairman of CALOP (Commission for Access and Local Original Programing), Ed Mass is the COO of Crazy for, and Paul Heirent, a local video producer.  We talked about Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro, Premier Pro, Photoshop, Motion and St. Louis Ted Talks.  We also talked about how equipment is getting cheaper and that this is a perfect time for libraries to enter the video and audio arena.

Ed Mass' company is involved with "flip education" which has teachers doing videos of lesson plans to be viewed at home leaving class time to work on the concepts.  He told us about the simple recording methods being used by educators who are flipping education.

All participants have great suggestions that we will take into account as we develop our plans and choose the hardware and software.